About Us

Thinking about choosing us? Here are some things you should know about us.

We believe that friends make the most beautiful things in the world. We’re a group of friends who love to make new content, create new websites, take photos, create unique projects, design perfect logos and code the programming language of success.

Our client’s vision becomes our own. So all our talents and expertise, are used to make that vision a reality.

All the projects we have implemented attest to our willingness to create unique results and our ability as a team to understand the particular requirements of each client. Our client’s success is a daily reward.

Alongside that, our distinctions and awards throughout the years, have “fueled” us to keep going and to strive for even better provided services!

Think Plus because everything is possible with patience and perseverance!

The Right Tools. The Right Solution.

At Think Plus we design the right marketing strategy for you, determining the choice of objectives and the allocation of resources. Don't forget that marketing strategy is most effective when it is an integral part of a consistent strategy, determining whether the a business or brand name will successfully attract customers, potential buyers and competitors in the marketplace.

Web Design & Development

Think about a website, as beautiful, fast and as versatile as can be… a perfect online platform for your business! Think about an e-shop that takes your sales to the next level.

Design & Copywriting

Think about designs that captivate the eye and copies that stick to the mind like glue.

Video Production

Think about videos that have the quality and stopping power to back up the greatest of ideas.

Online Marketing

Think about social media campaigns that enable immediate interaction with your audience.

Above the Line

Think about TVC, radio and print ads that will become the talk of the town, that will grab everyone’s attention and make your product famous!

Below the Line

Think about the activations everyone will want to take part in and memorable events that nobody will want to miss!


helps us think better!


satisfied clients


cups of coffee


development hours


Additionally, our fresh ideas, innovation and development through continuous research for new technological applications and breakthrough marketing methods, assures that we are always a step ahead.

The satisfaction of our customers is the ultimate goal and it’s ensured through the 6 Think Plus principles: Synergy - Consistency - Update - Innovation - Efficiency - Uniqueness.



We don't have a style.
We have standards.

Aggelos Konstantopoulos
managing partner

David Trakantzidis
managing partner

Kim Schuller
marketing director

Eleanna Sotiriou
art director

John Papageorgiou
visual designer

Manos Andreakis
visual designer

Georgia Gerokosta
content marketing manager

Stauros Nikolas
creative project manager

Vana Markou
vibe manager

Euaggelos Kolaitis
senior software engineer

Aggelos Michalopoulos
senior software engineer

Petros Rellos
senior software engineer

John Mantas
software engineer

Christos Andreou
software engineer

Panos Makris
performance marketing manager

Andreas Dizis
head photographer

George Louvaris

Christos Gkinis

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